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After years of working as a successful sculpture artist, I have decided to retire!

Thank you for your interest.










Since opening Fleetwood Studio in 2000, Peter Van Adrichem has used his rare ability to transform wood of any size into magnificent pieces of art. From one-of-a-kind stump sculptures to big black bears, to log pole carvings inspired by the traditional Haida style totem poles of the Canadian west coast, anything is possible. 

Peter's sculptures are visible in public places such as as the Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa. His art is included in collections around the world and he has competed in several chainsaw competitions in the Canada, United States and England. 

Fleetwood Studios completes carving projects primarily using white pine or white cedar, though many other mediums such as ice has been used to create one-of-a-kind sculptures! Peter has carved a great number of bears, eagles and other birds, and welcomes customer requests for special custom pieces.


If you have a tree that has reached the natural end of its life, or has to come down for other reasons, consider having it transformed into a piece of art that will last for years! A stump sculpture in a prominent place outside a home can provide a way to preserve the tree and enhance the property with an intriguing feature. Contact Peter before cutting your tree down to discuss the ideal portion of the tree to leave for the carving.

You can see and learn more about options for ordering sculptures here

lee valley snow man.jpg

Peter's snowman sculpture on the cover of the Lee Valley magazine in 2010.

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